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  Kern & Associates are Gas SCADA consultants that know pipeline and LDC operations from remote to control room; we’ve written a lot of specs, handled a lot of RFQs, negotiated a lot of contracts, administered a lot of acceptance tests, all successfully for our clients;

Prior to establishing Kern & Associates in 1993, we built SCADA systems. Since then our SCADA consulting has helped clients with budget estimates and project justifications, handled all aspects of the competitive bid process, and negotiated supplier contracts that resulted in timely, successful projects.

Additionally, we provide RTU configuration support, FST programming – ratio and PID, odorizing and tank maintenance, meter tube switching, etc.

Early on we developed a 190-page document for gas controller training, including self-help testing and onsite seminars. More recently we added CRM documentation, CFR 49 §192.631(h), plus a SQL testing tool for OJT and gas controller evaluations.


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